360° eye contour beauty

OpenSee Phycoskin® (OPS PSK) is a marine active that unleashes the power of nature for 360° eye contour beauty, lifting eyelids, smoothing crow’s feet, reducing bags under eyes (puffiness) and lightening dark circles.

  • Endowed with an incredible ability to adapt to the open sea, the tiny nannoplankton holobiont produces bioactive molecules to resist the harsh effects of UV radiation in their sunlit habitat. Applying blue biotech, Phycosphere Biodynamic®, we biomimicry the nutrient-poor water conditions of the open sea in a Green Lab-grown to obtain these bioactive molecules of this holobiont to create OpenSee Phycoskin®.


  • OPS PSK is composed of polyphenols, proteins and saccharides that improve the integrity of the eyes contour skin by strengthening the epidermis by restoring cell adhesion and increasing antioxidant defenses and rebuilding dermal structures by promoting collagen and elastin production.