About us

MC Beauty Science


We are a team of experienced European specialists in cosmetic industry who worked all professional life with passion and enthusiasm for your success. Coming from Marketing, Sales and R&D departments of leading European companies, we know all processes from a cosmetic product idea to the shelf by heart.

We are continuously sourcing incredible raw materials and actives all over the world to supply you with a never-ending stream of innovations for your cosmetic product.

As we all agree, that an immediate change towards lean and clean production processes is not esoteric philosophy, but inevitable key to survival of human mankind on earth, our latest step is to start distributing MC Actives, a company, solemnly dedicated to the lean production of clean, sustainable actives and auxiliaries.

Embedded in a reliable network of strong collaboration contracts, we have access to several R&D and production sites with a broad range of services available for both, raw materials and finished goods. If you want us to, we are glad to give you advice and support in any step of cosmetic R&D, production or packaging.