We offer you a large assortment of sheet masks in case of need also for special areas. The masks are made out of different materials like Cotton, Silk, Bio Cellulose and Polysaccharide.

We have a fully automated system which pushes our masks into the sachet and fills with the serum and then welded.

Everything clean, environmentally friendly and “Made in Germany”

Belmise Cotton Linter Mask

The Belmise Cotton Linter Mask is made of an endless cotton fiber from Japan. The special structure makes them almost transparent, once soaked with serum, on the skin. The mask is 100% biodegradable and we offer it in bulk for confection at your site, with a serum produced by us, also according to your wishes or with one of your serum.

Polysaccharide Mask marine origin

Our polysaccharide mask is a very special mask made of polysaccharides of marine origin. It fits very well to the skin contour and begins to dissolve through the heat of the skin and start transporting the valuable polysaccharides into the skin. After use you can just leave the mask slide into the warm bath water it will dissolve completely and care the surrounds of your body with the valuable ingredients. The mask is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly as it leaves no garbage just an incredibly good skin feeling!

Bio Cellulose Mask

We also have a mask and eye pairs made of organic cellulose which grow individually in. sigle forms and remain in the clean room during the entire production process.

Other materials include silk and a variety of fabric blends ….

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